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I am sure you couldn't resist clicking on the orange tab. I know you did. You had to do it! It's freakin ORANGE! If you were one of the few that hasn't indulged in t...
"Extraterrestrial Dragons inhabit unexplored forests on distant planets. But they've adapted quite well to the shady forests on the Flying Islands, which now serve them as a home away from home."
Enormous powerful wings let the Effulgent Dragon fly using the energy of rising air currents. This saves considerable strength, enabling the Effulgent Dragon to cover fantastic distances beyond the reach of others.
The Battle Dragon’s armor is so solid that it’s practically impossible to harm it. And its sharp teeth and the huge claws on its wings make it a veritable terror of the sky!
Three-headed Hydra - not the most maneuverable dragon in the air, but it is a dangerous predator on the ground! After all, Hydra not only possesses long claws and a spiked tail, but also has three sets of razor-sharp teeth.
Gargoyle - very ancient sub specie of dragons. They always lived near people, preferring to settle in abandoned parts of temples and monasteries. Even now, nobody knows which of the Gargoyles decorating buildings were made of stone, and what - alive.
The Crystal Dragon is the distant relative of another type of dragon - the Diamond Dragon. They differ in the color of their scales and horns, and their native elements.
The Salamander Dragon isn't the biggest, but don't think it's weak because of its size. This dragon has a secret that might suprise a careless scientist who is too curious.
Despite its refined composition, the Volcano Dragon is impressively fire-resistant and has incredible agility. Its loves to romp in volcanic craters, flying between the jets of hot lava.
The Claw Dragon has a highly complex skeletal structure. An extra pair of limbs helps it better climb vertical surfaces: cliffs, giant trees, and the walls of ancient buildings.
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